Organizational Structure

A Den? A Council? A What?

Organizational Overview

Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The BSA is the national organization that develops and supports various youth programs. It provides charters to communities to operate a council. The national organization provides service to local councils and develops Scouting programs and establishes rules and regulations.   

Quivira Council & White Buffalo District. To effectively support local Scouting programs the BSA provides a charter to a community board of volunteers, called a council, and they are responsible for a defined geographical area. To provide more localized support to scouting, councils create districts.  Districts are geographical areas of service.

The Unit - Pack 503. Within the district are multiple units. The pack is made up of multiple dens and led by adult volunteers.

Dens. A den is a small group of Cub Scouts who are in the same grade. The ideal size of a den is 6-8 Cub Scouts. Dens are led by a Den Leader and Assistants.

Chartered Organization. This is the organization that partners with the BSA to deliver a Scouting Program. They adopt Scouting to serve the youth in the community.