Cub Scout Uniform


As one of the aims of scouting, wearing the uniform is an important part of the Cub Scouts.

The uniform is a way for Cub Scouts to show off their accomplishments and reinforce their commitment to Scouting ideals.

In Pack 503 we wear the Field uniform to all meetings. We wear the activity uniform to most events. 

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The Field Uniform - Class A

This is what most people think of as the classic Scout uniform. It includes the uniform shirt, pants, shorts, girls’ skorts, belt, socks, cap, and neckerchief. (For Lions, the official uniform is a T-shirt and optional cap.)

Pack 503 recommends the Shirt, belt, and neckerchief. The other items are optional.

The Activity Uniform - Class B

The activity uniform is the same as the field uniform with a scouting t-shirt replacing the uniform shirt and neckerchief. 

Over the years we've designed multiple pack t-shirts. These count as the activity uniform as well as any scouting shirts purchased at the scout shop, summer camp, or others.