Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails in Wichita

We like to put the outing in scouting, and these are some of our favorite hiking trails in Wichita and the surrounding area. To join us on a hike, contact magcubscouts@gmail.com to inquire about our next outing!

Pawnee Prairie Park Trail

This is a popular trail in west Wichita. An easy out and back that lets you get into nature without getting too far away from home.

Length: 2.2 Miles

Elevation change: 42 ft

Type: Out & Back


Pawnee Prairie Nature Park North Trail

Another easy trail at Pawnee Prairie Nature Park. This is a popular trail most times of the year.

Length: 3.1 Miles

Elevation change: 49 ft

Type: Loop


Chisholm Creek park

This is a 1.7-mile loop paved and easy trail. This hike can be followed up with a walk through the Great Plains Nature Center. Multiple options for shorter trails if desired.

Length: 1.7 Miles

Type: Out & Back


Arkansas River Loop via Exploration Place

This trail is the paved path along the Arkansas River. The length can be adjusted to fit the need of the unit. See Exploration Place, Veterans Memorial Park, The Keeper of the Plains, the Troll, and more. Biking or Hiking, this trail can be great for cub scouts!

Length: 2 - 10+ Miles

Type: Point to point, loop, or out & back.


Sedgwick County Park Outer Loop

An easy route in the city that is popular and open year round. Not very exciting, but multiple roads and routes in the park make this hike highly customizable for the group's needs.

Length: 3.0 Miles

Type: Loop


Hiking Trails Outside Wichita

Horse Thief Trail

Kanopolis lake State Park

This 1.9-mile loop trail explores some interesting rock formations and  offers some of the most scenic hiking views in central Kansas.

Length: 1.9 Miles

Type: Loop

Elevation change: 141 ft

Distance from Magdalen: 99 miles


Horse Thief Canyon Trail to Red Rock Canyon Loop 

Kanopolis Lake State Park

A longer loop starting at Horse Thief Canyon and connecting to other trails in Kanopolis. This is considered moderate difficulty and is primarily intended for horseback riding, but is also a great hiking trail. Trail switches are marked, but use a map to be sure. This is a great trail for scouts working on orienteering, map & compass, 5+ mile hike, etc. 

Length: 5.8 Miles

Type: Loop

Elevation change: 544 ft

Distance from Magdalen: 99 miles


Southwind Nature Trail at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve 

Strong City, KS

My favorite black Friday trail! This is a lightly trafficked loop rated as moderate difficulty. See the historic ranch museum, stroll through the trees and rocky trail, through the prairie, cross over Fox Creek and tour the Fox Creek School building. This is a great area to complete a Webelos Walkabout adventure. Bring a lunch, hike the trail, and explore one of the last stands of Tallgrass Prairie in the Flint Hills.

Length: 2.9 Miles

Elevation gain: 295 ft

Type: Loop

Distance from Magdalen: 70.4 miles


Windmill Pasture Hilltop Loop at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Strong City, KS

This is a fairly easy route that goes through Windmill Pasture, which is home to a herd of Bison. Exercise caution when Bison are present, and do not stray too close.

Length: 3.6 Miles

Elevation change: 249 ft

Type: Out & Back

Distance from Magdalen: 70.4 miles


Sand Creek Trail

Newton, KS

A nice, diverse, and well-maintained trail that takes you through Newton all the way up to the more rural outskirts of the town’s college. The southern half of the trail follows Sand Creek, a river full of diverse waterfowl that includes bridges, houses, and a few more urban areas.

We usually start at the trailhead at Bethel College. The trail is covered in wood chips and should be well maintained. We normally hike approximately two miles of the northern loop. There is minimal elevation change.

Length: 5.8 miles (easy to find smaller sections)

Type: Out & Back

Distance from Magdalen to Bethel College Trailhead: 33.2 miles 


Santa Fe Lake South Trail

Augusta, KS

This is a fun area of criss-crossing trails close to town that offers challenging routes for mountain biking and moderately challenging hiking. There is a spillover waterfall that can be seen during wet weather months. 

There is a per car parking fee at Santa Fe Lake.

Length: 2+ Miles

Elevation gain: 65 ft

Route type: Out & Back, Loop.


Elk River Hiking Trail

Elk City State Park

This is one of the best trails in Kansas. As a pack, we typically begin at the East trailhead and cover only the first 2-5 miles of this 15.3 mile route. This is a challenging route for Kansas trails and is very popular for hiking enthusiasts. Rocky outcroppings, scenic views, streams crossings and more make this a great trail.

Length: 15.3 Miles

Elevation change: 977 ft

Type: Point to point

Distance from Magdalen: 109 Miles


Table Mound Trail

Elk City State Park

This out and back trail is another popular and moderately challenging route at Elk City State Park. This short trail takes you by a beautiful scenic overlook of the dam and lake, along the edge of a 20 ft bluff, through wooded areas, cave like formations, and boulder fields. 

Length: 2.5 - 5.0 Miles

Elevation change: 357 ft

Type: Out & Back or point to point

Distance from Magdalen: 111 Miles